Barrington Community Information


Early settlers named their community Barrington in 1850, and the village was chartered in 1865. With the construction of nearby railroads, the area began to grow rapidly in population in the early 20th century. Retailers began to crop up along the railroad, and Barrington grew into a popular Chicago suburb.


Community and history are very important to Barrington residents. Although Barrington has a thriving retail industry, residents try to maintain the charming, small-town life that is so much a part of the village?s history. Community organizations abound. There are more than 100 clubs and organizations representing a diverse set of personal, professional and hobby interests.

Parks & Recreation

There are also five park districts, one public golf course and five private golf courses in the area. Barrington parks are expansive. Langedorf Park, for example, covers 37 acres and includes baseball diamonds, lighted tennis courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, banquet facilities, meeting rooms, a dance studio, a fitness center and more. The Barrington Countryside Park District in Barrington Hills maintains a riding center, summer camp, winter ski program and six tennis courts.

Local Events

Popular annual events in Barrington include the Village Scarecrow Festival, Barrington Sidewalk Days and Celebrating the Arts in Barrington. The Scarecrow Festival is held in October of each year and draws many visitors from surrounding regions and states. Barrington Sidewalk Days are held every July or August. The event features a variety of attractions for visitors and residents to enjoy, including an annual flower show, summer luncheon and monster truck show. Celebrating the Arts, held in September, also draws participation from several venues in the region, displaying and recognizing local artists and their work.

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